CCTV Systems for Schools in Ireland

At Alertwatch, we install and manage CCTV systems in order to create school environments in which staff, students and visitors feel secure. We are able to equip schools in a focused, constructive manner with the tools that will help them deal effectively with any potential security breaches or issues.

Specifically, we can use our installed CCTV systems to:
a) Provide an effective intruder detection mechanism.
b) Monitor bullying and other negative activities amongst students
c) Protect school property against vandalism
d) Organise controlled exit of staff/students in case of an emergency
e) Protect staff and student vehicles
f) Monitor staff and student punctuality
g) Monitor exits and entrances
h) Create a safe, secure, learning environment
i) Provide peace of mind for parents
j) Protect school property and grounds against vandalism

A really strong example of work we have carried out recently on school grounds occurred when we installed a covert camera (hidden camera) concealed in a junction box in order to view and record people who were consistently defacing the school walls with graffiti.

Having spoken to the school principal about the difficulties they were having with Graffiti/Vandalism Alertwatch recommended the installation of a camera with a high resolution of 1.3 million pixels. The camera was also installed with a 64GB memory card which enabled us to effectively record and store the CCTV footage. The camera was then connected securely to the schools network so that the school Principal could examine the CCTV footage (via their office PC) from the comfort of their desk.

At Alertwatch we provide industry leading knowledge and expertise delivered in a friendly, easy to understand manner. We know that security is a pressing issue for schools today and we are passionate about delivering a security solution that is customised to meet your specific requirements and that can be implemented within your available budget.

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