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The 5 Most Important Features of an Outdoor Home Security Camera

  1. The Camera lens must be varifocal so when the CCTV Camera is mounted the lens can be adjusted to obtain the exact view you http://alertwatch.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Hikvision-Camera-4.jpgrequire.
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  2. Choose a True Day/Night Security Camera (not an electronic day/night). This will provide a higher quality resolution picture during the day & night.
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  3. Check the Camera has infra red (IR). The camera should have IR for night time viewing but there is not much point in having a 80 meter IR camera with a standard 2.8 – 11mm lens, you would need a 5-50mm lens to see the 80 meters. So couple the IR distance with the lens of the camera.
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  4. Check the brand of CCD (charged couple device) in the CCTV Camera. CCTV Manufacturers such as Samsung, Hikvision etc use their own brand CCD, a lot of branded cameras will use a Sony CCD which is also good. The higher quality CCD, the crisper the image and the better resolution on the CCTV camera.
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  5. Check the resolution of the camera. Any standard resolution camera should have a resolution of 600 – 700 TVL (TV Lines). I would put the make of the CCD, whether the camera is True day/night ahead of whether the camera is 600 or 700TVL.  If choosing a Megapixel solution opt for a 1.3MP quality camera or higher. With an IP megapixel solution, make sure the NVR can record the camera at e.g. 1.3 Megapixel and not at a lower resolution.
Extra Tip: Don’t be fooled into, the bigger the camera the better the camera, it comes down to the overall specification.
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  • AL-700AL-700

    • This day/night Box camera has a 3 layer IR filter resulting in true colour reproduction.
    • It can be paired with any lens.  A wide angle lens would be around 3.5mm, the higher the mm the narrower the view
    • Can be used indoor or outdoor in an external heated housing
    • 1/3″SSNR ll Sony Super HAD CCD
  • AL-1000AL-1000

    • This day/night IR camera is Ideal for outdoor applications, will see 50 feet in complete darkness
    • SONY Super HAD CCD
    • This Home Security Camera will provide a colour picture in daytime and a crystal clear black and white picture at night time
    • The camera comes with a 2.5 – 10mm varifocal lens fitted allowing you plenty of scope to view your required area (a close narrow view or a wider view)
  • AL-3000


    • This day/night IR Security Camera is Ideal for outdoor applications. although mostly used in commercial enviroments, it is ideal for capturing video footage over a long range. It will see over 200 feet in complete darkness
    • 1/3″ Super sensitive Double Scan CCD
    • 600TVL High Resolution
    • This camera will provide a very clear picture in complete darkness
    • 9 -” 22mm long range lens
  • AL-300


    • Vandal proof IR Security Camera now comes supplied as standard with a massive high resolution of 600TVL
    • Ideal for outdoor applications, will see 40 feet in complete darkness
    • 1/3″ SONY Super HAD CCD
    • 2.8 – 11 mm varifocal lens, allowing you to obtain your desired view from your Camera
    • View a 540TVL Camera set at it’s widest angle, capturing a general view of the front of a premises in Dublin’s City Centre – CCTV Dublin
  • AL-200

    • Home Security Camera (Vandal proof Dome IR Camera) available in black and white
    • Ideal for indoor or outdoor, will see 30 feet in complete darkness with blue long range IR’s
    • 420TVL Resolution
    • 1/3″SONY Super HAD CCD
    • 3.6mm lens as standard (Can be changed up to 12mm)
  • AL-7000

    AL-7000 Black Hawk

    • Long Range IR Camera ideal for License Plate Recognition, 7.5 – 50mm long range lens
    • Produces stunning video in true color during the day and pure B&W at night.
    • Provides a mechanical dual IR cut filter mechanism. produces 600TVL in daylight and 700TVL in low light.
    • 150FT IR distance, optional IR-Link outputs o achieve 300ft. IR Range
    • 1/3 Sony double scan CCD
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