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IP CCTV Cameras Connected to 5.8GHZ Transmitters –

You have complete Flexibility withWireless CCTV Camera this Wireless CCTV Solution. Any IP Megapixel Camera can be connected to a transmitter and the second transmitter is located at the NVR or simply just on the network. One transmitter can normally transmit up to 3 or 4 megapixel cameras depending on the quantity of pixels.

The added benefits of using these wireless transmitters are:

  1. Line of sight is not necessary required between the wireless devices.
  2. The wireless receiver located at the NVR end can receive signals from mutliple IP Cameras depending on the total quantity of megapixels transmitted from all the IP Cameras.
  3. The wireless signal can be transmitted from the CCTV Camera for up to 15 km’s back to the CCTV Recorder.
  4. These devices can only be connected to IP Cameras but they are a superb alternative to cabling and can transmit high quality Megapixel Video over a long distance without any picture deterioration.

Wireless CCTV Cameras Over 5.8GHZ Frequency

Wireless CCTV Cameras with 5.8GHZ built in, will generally connect back to a network video recorder with the matching wireless frequency in the NVR.  This type of system works brilliantly indoors but for outdoors a standalone transmission unit connected to your CCTV Camera of choice is the best option.Wireless Camera

The Wireless CCTV solution in the picture consists of an Avermedia NVR with wireless antenna and up to 4 Aver Wireless Cameras can be connected. The Wireless cameras are of 1.3 Megapixel quality with a fixed lens, 1/4″ CCD and are most  suitable for indoor use but can be mounted in an external housing for outside use. The great advantage of a Wireless CCTV System like this is that it can be set up in a few minutes by someone who has no experience in setting up a CCTV Camera System

WIFI CCTV Cameras –

Wireless IP Cameras with WIFI will generally work very well indoors assuming the WIFI signal is available throughout the building. The broadband will need to have strong WIFI for the camera to operate externally. It is worth bearing in mind that the camera will need power, this can not be provided wirelessly under any circumstances. The IP Camera pictured is a High Definition bullet Infra Red Camera, it comes supplied with a mini SD Card Slot, is full HD quality with H264 compression and is a true day/night IP Camera with full outdoor weather protection.

CCTV Cameras Connected to 5.8GHZ Transmitters –

This type of solution allowsWireless Cameras you to use any type of CCTV Camera which you then connect to the Wireless transmitter. This allows you total flexibility as one transmitter is located at the CCTV Camera and one at the DVR Recorder, e.g. a CCTV Camera may be located at a gateway 150 meters from a building connected to a wireless transmitter, the second transmitter can then be located at the front of the building with line of sight in between the two devices. A cable can be ran from the second transmitter to the CCTV DVR. An outdoor or indoor version of this Wireless transmitter is available. Virtually any CCTV Camera (excluding IP Cameras) can be connected to this transmission unit and it is one of the most reliable and secure transmission units available.

Wireless CCTV Cameras Over 2.4GHZ Frequency –

CCTV Cameras transmittingWireless Cameras over 2.4GHZ can normally transmit through at least one external wall and in the past worked quite well, these days so may wireless items transmit over this crowded frequency e.g. baby monitors etc, that a 2.4GHZ Wireless Camera can not be installed as a reliable Security Camera. Wireless 2.4GHZ transmitters are available as standalone units and can be connected to normal CCTV Cameras but as mentioned the transmission frequency is crowded so we would always recommend 5.8GHZ transmitters.

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