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  • Require a New DVR for your CCTV Cameras, AlertWatch stock all the major Digital Video Recorder brands including Samsung, Adata (Apollo, Zeus etc), IC Realtime, Hikvision, Eneo, Panasonic, Lilin, Concept Pro and many more.
  • All DVRs supplied by AlertWatch  come set up for Remote Access, once the DVR is connected to your broadband you will be viewing your cameras online in no time.
  • If your encountering problems or restrictions with your current DVR system or had enough of viewing recorded footage with robotic movement of people? Don’t be frustrated any more, upgrade now and operate your system effortlessly with a user friendly state of the art digital video recorder.
  • No more searching for hours, no more tapes, one click of your mouse and you have found what you are looking for.
  • Monitor activities at your business from anywhere in the world via our remote software.
  • The main features of our DVRs include: 500GB hardrive (4-camera system), motion detection, 25 frames per second per camera i.e. real time playback of recorded pictures, no more jumpy, jerkey CCTV footage.
  • Download incidents to an external device in 2/3 seconds.
  • Full training is provided on the day of installation, although most of the DVRs are very easy to operate, training is also available free of charge on an ongoing basis.
  • Contact the AlertWatch team today for a free on site demonstration (this may take up approximately 30 minutes of your time).


A Sample of Apollo DVR Recorders
  • iApollo Pro-DVR – 8 or 16 Channel

    iApollo Pro-lite DVR
    • Full D1 Recording at 25 frames pers second
    • H264 compression recording
    • Dual settings for streaming for PC’s and mobile devces
    • All Channel Playback
    • 1080P HDMI, VGA & BNC Monitor outputs
    • Back up by CDRW or USB
    • Pentaplex facility
    • Static or Dynamic Address for remote access, dynamic through DNS server
    • Will support up to 6TB storage with 2 HDD slots
  • iZeus standard or HD – 4,8,16 Channel

    • Standard recording at 25 frames per second and D1 Recording at 6 fps
    • The Standard iZeus has VGA and BNC Video monitor outputs where as the HD model has an addition HDMI monitor output
    • All channel playback of recorded footage
    • H264 compression of recorded data
    • Dual video streaming for remote viewing
    • Easy back up of incidents by USB
    • Supports up to 3TB storage, full pentaplex function
  • iApollo HD Pro DC DVR – Available in 8 or 16 Channel

    iApollo HD Pro DC DVR
    • This DVR will support up to 24TB of storage (8 x SATA HDD)
    • All Video Channel playback & H264 compression
    • Loop outputs for each channel & also spot monitor function
    • Playback of recorded footage by USB or CDRW
    • Pentaplex function
    • Remote access
    • Includes 1080P monitor output as well as VGA & BNC
    • Static or Dynamic IP address compatible – dynamic through DNS server
    • Dual Stream for easier Broadband Access
    • Mouse, Front Panel, Remote Control
    • iApollo APP for Smart Phones and Tablets
    • Alarm Inputs & PTZ Control
    • H.264 Compression

    32 CH iApollo HD Pro DC
    • 32 Channel – FULL D1 @ 25FPS
    • 32 Channel Video Inputs & 8/16 Channel Audio Input
    • All 32 Channel Playback, Timeline Playback Feature
    • H.264 Compression
    • Remote access through mobile phones, PC, Laptop, Mac
    • 1080p HDMI / VGA/ BNC video outputs
    • Loop and Spot Outputs
    • Dual Stream for easier Broadband Access
    • Supports 6 SATA HDD up to 18TB, USB, E-Sata
    • Built in webs server, multi-dvr client
    • Live, recording, playback & back up
    • Alarm Inputs & PTZ Control
    • Easy backup, USB devices, network download, DVDRW
    • Smart video detection: motion detection camera blank, video loss, Pentaplex, ZMS
    • Static or Dynamic IP Address Compatible, Dynamic IP through DNS Server
    • Mouse, Front Panel, Remote Control
    • iApollo APP for Smart Phones and Tablets
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