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  • With over 60 years of experience within the Security industry, we can offer your business the best advice available and helpCCTV Camera design you a Business CCTV System solution which best suits your specific needs. We are installing CCTV Cameras in Ireland in a wide range of different business CCTV applications and the sizes vary from a small 4-Camera DVR or NVR (accommodates up to 4 cameras) to larger 16 and 32 Channel CCTV System. The Systems are suitable for all types of business’s including offices, shops, cafes, schools, golf clubs and larger industrial applications and are extremely user friendly.
  • AlertWatch stock a wide range of Digital CCTV Camera systems which are suitable for many varied business cctv applications, including bullet type cameras, long range Infra Red Cameras, PTZ Cameras, IP Cameras, Wireless CCTV Cameras, Number Plate Reader Cameras and many more to suit all possible CCTV Solutions required.
  • One of our most popular Business CCTV Cameras is our dome IR camera which comes with a high resolution of 2 million pixels providing you with  full high definition colour video during the daytime and a crystal clear black & white picture at night time. This high resolution camera is perfect for identifying people and we would recommend this camera for a high percentage of commercial cctv applications. A Full high definition camera is now seeing as a minimum requirement for identifying people and obtaining the best results from your digital CCTV Camera System.
  • Traditionally CCTV Camera resolution is measured in TVL (TV Lines). With the introduction of Megapixel Cameras it makes it difficult for people to compare TVL resolution to megapixel resolution. It can be taken that a 650TVL camera will have approximately 300,000 pixels which make up a video picture. A 2 megapixel camera will then have over 6 times the quantity of pixels when compared to a 600TVL camera and therefore will produce a video picture which is over 6 time the quality in resolution. The following video clip which shows a 1 megapixel CCTV Camera being demonstrated in our conference room. Although Megapixel cameras are more expensive than TVL Cameras, a saving can be made because you will not need as many Megapixel cameras installed.
  • All our Business CCTV HD Digital Video Recorders can record footage at 25 frames per second which allows you to view recorded footage as if it is live. The footage can be retrieved instantly and any relevant incidents if required can be taken off the DVR or NVR via a usb key or CD if preferred
  • AlertWatch specialise in setting up of Online Remote Access to all CCTV Systems. Once your DVR is setup for remote access you can then view your cameras on most Smartphones including the Iphone, Samsung Galaxy etc, you can also access/interrogate your CCTV system from any PC, we now also have remote CCTV software including the Apple Mac. Once set up you can control the complete CCTV System, view live & recorded footage, download an incident if required
  • AlertWatch provide full training on the day of installation and also on an ongoing basis
  • We provide a full 3 year warranty on all our DVR’s and 2 years on all CCTV Cameras
  • All of our systems are fully installed to BTEC standard and are NSAI certified
  • Call the AlertWatch team today for more information on this and other offers, why not avail of a free phone survey, demo or site survey?
A Sample of our Camera’s
  • Qvis Vandal Dome IR Camera – 650TVL

    Dome Camera with Infrared
    • Sony 1/3″ CCD
    • Effio Digital Signal Processor
    • Day/Night
    • 36 LEDs
    • 30 meter Infra Red in darkness
    • 2.8-11mm Varifocal lens
    • Back Light Compensation
  • Samsung Bullet IR Camera

    Samsung 50 Meter IR Camera
    • 50 meter Infra Red in darkness
    • 600TVL Resolution
    • 32 Black IR LEDs
    • Day/night
    • 2.8 – 10mm varifocal lens
    • Samsung Super Dynamic Range
    • Highligh Compensation
    • Digital Image stabilization
  • Qvis Bullet IR CCTV Camera

    Bodied Infra Red Camera
    • 40-50m Infra Red Distance Range
    • 48pcs IR Leds
    • Effio DSP with Sony 1/3″CCD
    • Day/Night Operation
    • 2.8-12mm Korean Varifocal Lens
    • Smart IR with IR Corrective Lens
    • Back Light Compensation
  • SPRO- 100 Meter IR CCTV Camera

    Long Range IR Camera
    • 540TVL High Resolution
    • 70 – 100 meter IR distance
    • 12 pieces of big powerfull LEDs
    • 15-50mm lens
    • 1/3″ SONY  CCD
    • Day & Night Operation
  • SPRO Vandal Dome – Low Lux CCTV Camera

    Vandal Dome Camera with Low Lux
    • Colour CCTV footage in low light .01 lux with 600TVL resolution
    • Black & white in .0001 lux with 650TVL resolution
    • Digital Zoom with Picture in Picture mode
    • 2.8-11mm lensIdeal
    • Digital Noise Reduction
    • 1/3″ Sony CCD
  • Samsung CCTV Box Camera

    Samsung Day Night Box Camera
    • Day/night CCTV Camera
    • 600TVL with Samsung Super Dynamic Range
    • SSNRIII digital noise reduction
    • Digital Image Stabilization
    • Can be mounted in an external Heated Housing for outdoor use
    • Can be paired with any CCTV lens
    • Min. illumination: 0.05 Lux @ F1.2 (colour) 0.0001 Lux @ F1.2 (sens-up)
    • 1/3″ Super HAD CCD
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