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CCTV Systems

AlertWatch are PSA licensed, NSAI Certified and BTEC qualified for the installation of CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, Intercom Systems & Fire Alarms throughout Ireland and the UK. With over 60 years experience our surveyors are uniquely positioned to offer you expert advice when choosing a CCTV system for your business or home.

When you contact AlertWatch you will get to speak with one of our team whom all have extensive experience within the security industry. We will always aim to keep technical jargon to a minimum and explain clearly the benefits, features, advantages and disadvantages of the different products and services we provide. On most occasions, we will be able to provide you with a quotation having spoken to one of our team on the phone and would then follow up with a detailed onsite survey and consultation. With commercial applications, we can provide you with a reference site near where you are located, so you can phone or call into our client and ask them how they were treated.

Whether it’s a 1-camera system for a home or small shop or indeed a 100 CCTV camera system for a hotel or large retail outlet, all our customers always get the same backup and support from our team of professionals. All of our security systems are tailored to your specific needs. We service all of Ireland with offices in Dublin, Meath, and Cork.

Our engineers have vast experience installing all the different types of security systems throughout Ireland including:

  1. IP CCTV Systems, HD TVI, HD CVI, Analogue CCTV and Wireless CCTV Systems. The HIKVISION brand is our most sought after system as it ticks all the boxes, whether it be a domestic or commercial application
  2. Wired and wireless intruder alarm systems, our main product driver here is the HKC intruder alarm brand.
  3. ACT access control systems, we maintain the access control systems for two of the largest hospitals in Ireland, working closely with the manufacturers ACT and Comelit to give our clients the best support and back up.
  4. We provide first and second fix Fire System installations for both networked and conventional Fire systems.

We work with some of the larger electrical contractors in Ireland providing a complete suite of security products for their clients, this has also led us to carry out some big projects in the UK and one of our more recent clients included “The Titanic Hotel” in Liverpool docks.

Some of the main brands we work with are HIKVISION, Hyundai, Samsung, Ubiquity, Planet, Concept Pro, Dahua, Axis, Pelco, HKC, ACT, Comelit, AiPhone, Fermax, Apollo, and Morley.

We offer intruder alarm and CCTV monitoring at very reasonable prices. All of our customers are offered a maintenance package on or before installation stage, we have included below a summary of is involved in maintaining the various security products we install.

Intruder Alarm Maintenance as per EN50131 Standard

  • Maintenance x 2 inspections per annum, functional test of all zones, test of standby
  • Batteries and signal confirmation with monitoring station.

CCTV System Maintenance as per EN50132 Standard

  • Maintenance x 2 inspections per annum, to test, adjust, refocus cameras, functional test of
  • Recorder, adjustment of monitors if required, set up remote software on any new devices and testing of power supplies

Access Control Maintenance – as per EN50132 Standard

Maintenance x 2 inspections per annum, functional test of all proximity readers, test of standby batteries and signal confirmation with ACT software.

Fire Alarm Maintenance as per IS3218:2013 Standard

Maintenance x 4 inspections per annum to test detection devices, functional test of all zones, test of standby batteries and signal confirmation with monitoring station. 25% of devices will be tested at each visit, such that at the end of the annual maintenance period, 100% of all devices will have been tested. A logbook and certificate of servicing will be supplied and completed at each visit.

Call us today and our experts will provide you with crucial tips you should know before purchasing a security system. Call now on 01 689 6390, don’t forget to include a summary of the concerns and needs you need addressed

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